Always focused on bringing meaningful change through innovative technology, AB has set the standard for performance, lifestyle support, and access to sound in the field of cochlear implantation.

We believe that by improving hearing, we give people the opportunity to make powerful connections with their family, friends, and the world.

  • Nearly 125+ peer-reviewed publications in the last 5 years and counting
  • First to introduce a CI sound processor designed for children, Sky CI M
  • First to introduce CI sound processors that connects to virtually any Bluetooth-enabled device, Marvel CI
  • First to prove superior performance with ClearVoice™ sound processing, an automated feature to improve speech understanding in difficult listening environments1-6
  • First to introduce a swimmable sound processor
  • Over 100,000 ears implanted in over 130 countries
  • More than 500 patents
  • 100+ partnerships with universities and clinics around the world