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Safeguarding the environment

We strive to make efficient use of natural resources and minimize the environmental impact of our activities, products, and services over their life cycle.

Sonova Environment

Our priority goal

We aim to reduce our greenhouse gas emissions relative to revenues by 50% by 2022/23.

Initiatives and programs

Sonova makes an explicit commitment to continuously promote and pursue environmentally friendly practices throughout the entire lifecycle of its products and across all its business activities.

Environmental management 

Sonova has an established corporate environmental policy that supports our commitment to behave proactively and describes our environmental performance management organization and responsibilities, along with their relevant environmental aspects and other management approaches. It also states that we are committed to compliance and performance in line with relevant environmental regulations throughout the entire lifecycle of our products and across all of our business activities.

Sonova endeavors to continuously reduce its environmental impact by adopting all improvements that are technically and economically feasible, with a particular focus on the life cycle of our products and on reducing our group-wide carbon footprint. We insist on environmentally friendly business practices throughout our supply chain: we do not restrict our environmental standards to our own operations, but consider them equally crucial in selecting our suppliers.

Environmental commitments

Sonova will drive... 

  • reductions in its carbon footprint
  • optimization of its material use
  • reductions in waste
  • improvements in green product stewardship
  • reductions in its solvent use
  • reductions in its water consumption
  • green procurement assessments

Environmental objectives and targets

Sonova’s environmental program sets clearly defined targets. We continuously monitor and optimize environmental objectives and performance across the Group. More information on the key environmental targets, current progress, and related UN Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) can be found in the corresponding section of our Corporate Responsibility Report.