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Shareholder structure

As of March 31, 2022 the shareholdings of registered shareholders were distributed as follows:

Registered shareholders

Number of sharesRegistered shareholders 31.3.2022Registered shareholders 31.3.2021
Total registered shareholders22,86819,102

Significant shareholders

 No. of shares in %No. of shares in %
Beda Diethelm3)6,712,87810.636,710,44010.42
Family of Hans-Ueli Rihs3)4)3,683,6485.833,692,0495.73
BlackRock, Inc.3,334,2935.103,334,3925.10
The Capital Group Companies, Inc. 5)    
UBS Fund Management (Switzerland) AG1,948,6483.031,948,6843.03

1) Or at last reported date if shareholdings are not registered in the share register. 

2) On the basis of the shares registered in the commercial register at last reported date. 

3) Beda Diethelm and Hans-Ueli Rihs were already shareholders before the Initial Public Offering in November 1994. There are no shareholders’ agreements among these individuals and they can trade freely.

4) Hans-Ulrich Rihs, Gabriela Rihs and Stefan Rihs as a group jointly control 3,683,648 registered shares (corresponding to 5.83% of total Sonova share capital) pursuant to the last disclosure notice. These shares were previously controlled by Hans-Ulrich Rihs as a single shareholder.

5) The Capital Group Companies, Inc is held by (i) Capital Research and Management Company ("CRMC"), (ii) Capital Group Private Client Services, Inc. and (iii) Capital International, Inc.

Information on shareholders of Sonova Holding AG who reported shareholdings of more than 3% or a reduction of shareholdings below 3% in the financial year 2020/21 can be found on the website of the Disclosure Office of the SIX Swiss Exchange.


Sonova Holding AG has no cross-shareholdings with other companies.